Fall Leaves Could Spell Trouble for Your Car

Fall is here. The kids are back in school and the holidays are around the corner. One of the best things about fall has to be when the leaves change colors to beautiful reds and oranges. But, did you know that those gorgeous leaves can actually damage your car? When too many leaves build up on or in your car's components it may damage your paint and clog drains and filters. Here's how to protect your car from leaf damage:

  • Don't park under trees with a large amount of leaves still attached. It's ok to park under trees where a majority of the leaves have fallen off.
  • Wash your car more often to remove sap, acid, and pollen left on your car from the leaves.
  • Purchase a car cover to protect your car from leaves and the elements.
  • Remove leaves as soon as possible. If you're worried that a lot of leaves will fall on your car you may want to remove them daily.
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