Tips To Help You Drive Safe This Halloween

Here at Kings Superstore :: Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we love the fall and the holidays that go with it. We love to see children and adults in their lavish costumes collecting candy and having a great time. However, one thing that bothers us is the potential safety risks that come with the art of trick or treating. It is for that reason we want to offer a few tips to help keep everyone safe.

While you are driving around Cincinnati, or anywhere during Halloween, keep in mind that people wearing masks can be distracted and they might not see all the vehicles on the road. To make sure that everyone is safe, drive slower and keep your lights on. These two things will help you to see and be seen. If you are wearing a costume, take off the mask and any parts that you can while you are driving.

Remember that every vehicle is equipped with turn signals, lights, and a horn. Use them when you need them. We know it seems silly to remind you about this but, too often drivers forget to simply use these things while driving and we understand, driving can be hectic, but we just want to keep everyone safe. So, do us and everyone a favor, have a safe Halloween.

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