The Chrysler Pacifica UConnect Theater

Road trips are some of the few fun events you can do to keep the bond tight between family and friends. However, conversations may diminish along the journey. Lucky for you, there is the new Chrysler Pacifica that comes with the optional UConnect Theater system for the rear seats’ entertainment.

UConnect Theater Entertainment System

The UConnect Theater system comes with a large 10.1-inch touch-enabled screen, and a Blu-ray player allowing your passengers, especially kids, to stay busy as you concentrate on the road. They can play games, watch movies, and catch up on the TV shows they are missing while on the road.

The system is just but one of the components of the system that makes the Chrysler Pacifica one of the best minivans. If the YouTube videos do nothing to quench your thirst for the car, visit us at Kings Superstore :: Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today. We have friendly staff in the Cincinnati area, and they can set you up for a test drive.
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