Dashboard illuminations

Dashboard warning lights make it super easy to get an idea of what's going on under the hood of your car. Dashboard warning lights are small hieroglyphic like images that are meant to notify you of certain issues and even certain reminders. Our team at Kings Superstore :: Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram wants to help you decipher those hieroglyphs and know exactly what is going on.

When you first start your car up, every dash light should appear but only for a second. This simple one second view allows you to know that power is running to the dashboard and all is working fine.

Dashboard warning lights will illuminate to allow you to know when your engine is improperly functioning. Simple malfunctions can include a light needs to be replaced or oil needs to be changed. Malfunctions of greater significance will always appear in red. This could be engine failure, important sensors that will need immediate care.

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